Attention Baseball Parents

Attention baseball parents. 
Remember these are kids playing a game. A game that is supposed to be fun. They are going to make mistakes, there are going to be bad plays, bad pitches, and blown calls. IT IS INEVITABLE. If the kids played like professionals they wouldn’t be in the 3rd grade playing the same 3 teams over and over again. They would be playing in the major leagues playing for the World Series. 
Cheer them on when they succeed, cheer them on when they fail, and encourage them to always ALWAYS do their best. They are learning life lessons out there, they are learning that they will make mistakes, that they won’t always win. They are also learning that it’s what you do after a mistake or a loss that makes you great. Because we don’t learn anything from winning. Respect of others, and for yourself is gained by getting up, brushing yourself off, and getting right back to work again. This is where they find improvement, this is where lessons are learned, and this is where our boys, start to become men.