Let me start off by saying this is my first attempt at writhing a story from the woman’s perspective 
So it starts with a box being delivered to my hotel room. 

A note inside is simple. “Put this on. Nothing else. Wait on the bed.” A time of 7:00pm has already been established. So I spend my time preparing my body. Shaving, moisturizing, makeup, hair done, and finally putting on the items in the box.

I get a text that reads “3 minutes”. Hurriedly, I open the door and flip the lock so that you can come in. I put on the matching lace bra and panties, and after pulling out the blindfold, position myself on the bed facing the mirror. Sitting on my knees, I place the blindfold around my eyes, tighten and position it to make sure it stays in place and that I can’t see anything.

My breath speeds, waiting. Scared, excited, stimulated, and becoming disoriented…

I hear the door open, quickly placing my palms on my lap, trying not to

shake from nervousness, I breathe deeply, arching my back in the required posture.

I hear footsteps, no words, but it feels like more than one person is

sharing the space with me. The door is closed and all locks are bolted. I

swallow slowly.

I feel you stroke my cheek and I hear your voice, ” good girl. Now just

enjoy tonight. Remember, no talking, no questions.”

I nod my assent.

A firm hand grips my throat then a strong push throws me backward onto the bed. My hands come up, as your hands grip them and fasten cuffs and clips to bind them together. My breathing speeds, and my heart races.
One set of hands grips and pulls on my nipples, while another begins to spread my reluctant legs. Two? 

Your lips kiss mine, then you whisper, “relax”. I can’t help but comply. 

Soon my body begins to give over, I can only feel as hands and lips explore, touch, taste every inch of my exposed skin. Two mouths attach to my nipples, one hand grips my neck, while another seeks inside my already soaked panties. Moans and purrs escape me, as one slim finger enters me. 

The hand at my throat leaves, as I hear clothes being removed. Soon hands and mouth return to my side, biting my ear. My back arches, and the finger inside me is instantly coated in my juices…
My body is a live wire, every touch, every kiss is like a needle-sharp and biting. So much, I feel on edge, about to drop off.

Suddenly, it all stops.

I whimper.

“Don’t worry babe. I want my cock in you when you cum.” Your words excite me even further, but I don’t know quite what to expect. 

More clothes fall to the floor. I feel two bodies join me on the bed. One between my legs, one straddling my torso. 
My bound hands rest against the soft skin of the person sitting above my torso, as I feel hands separate my pink parts, flicking my clit, and coating fingers in my juices. My body jerks, and writhes, begging for more, but I’m unsure who is doing what. I feel your cock enter me, as a mouth closes over my clit, sucking and flicking at it.

Your rough hands grip my hips pulling me up and onto you, your elbows pushing my knees further apart, to allow the second person more access.

I feel a hot, soft tongue slip over my clit and around your shaft, then back to my clit. 

My hands grip soft hips as I feel my orgasm climbing my spine…
My body quakes as my orgasm speeds through me. The other mouth remains firmly attached to my clit, as you pound into me. Over and over until my legs fall limp. Then you allow my hips to rest against the bed. The other body repositions and places itself to receive you, from on top of me.

you slide slickly through my soaked and sensitive lips as you surge up through what I now believe to be hers. Soon I feel her wetness dripping onto me, mixing with mine. One thrust into me and a second into her. Back and forth, all I know is what I feel, until eventually, I feel her hands touching me and positioning you to enter me again, and again, rubbing my clit, and gripping your cock at the base. I can’t take much more!
you continue fucking us both, and she never stops rubbing my clit. I’m bucking and writhing, trying to seek release, or at the very least give you yours.

“Who wants it?” I hear you ask, however I have not been permitted to speak, obviously it’s her prize. 

“She gets it, in her mouth.” I hear her direct.

You both reposition. Your cock now touching my lips as she begins to lick at my pussy. I take you in tasting the mix of all of us, an intoxicating blend. Your hips thrust and buck, seeking your release, as she attacks me, my hands reach for your cock, to stroke and get a better angle. I want you as deep as you can go, but dammit I can’t focus on both of you. My hips buck, my body shakes. You hold my head and begin to fuck into my mouth. I hear your growl, just before I taste you explode into me, Just before I feel her stuff a warm glass dildo into me, placing the opposite end into her own pussy. You slip from my mouth as she begins to fuck the two of us with this new toy. I feel you leave the bed, but barely notice. I’m all sensation, and lost to every new feeling. 

Soon you return, only to place two vibrators against our clits. We are both pushing closer and closer, enveloping the entire toy, and feeling the added buzz of both vibrators simultaneously. 

She is the first to start moaning louder, signaling the start of her orgasm, and I’m not far behind. My muscles gripping the toy as hers are doing the same creates extreme sensations, and we both cry out, almost begging, my moans and screams become louder drowning hers out.


Precious Games Part 3

Part 3

After allowing you to rest for a moment and catch your breath, I lean forward and kiss your shoulder from behind sweetly.

“Come on my precious dirty girl, its bath time” I say as I push you forward gently. As you make your way to your feet on shaky legs I admire your beautiful curves and my fading erection begins to find new life. Walking close behind you to our garden tub, I see you reach down grabbing the faucet to draw your bath. I reach out and again smack your hand gently. “Just have a seat on the toilet precious, tonight I am going to spoil my good girl a little bit with my very own version of a spa treatment.” I say. You smile weakly, still noticeably drained from your body racking orgasm and sit on the toilet lid. Reaching down I set turn on the water in the tub, and after a few minor adjustments and testing with the back of my hand I find a temperature that will suit you. I squeeze a little of your body wash into the running water to give some bubbles and sit on the edge of the tub smiling at you.

“So what does my spa treatment include?” you ask with a smile on your face. “ mani/pedi, a massage,.. OH OH a facial?”

“I tried to give you a facial earlier precious, but you insisted you wanted to taste it, not wear it.” I laugh.

Seeing that the tub is at the proper level, I check the temperature again to ensure it will not burn your delicate skin.

“Climb in precious” I say as I reach my hand out to help you up and into the tub. You clap your hands and giggle a little before taking my hand. I help lower you into the tub, like you are made of fine crystal, because to me you are a priceless treasure. Taking the shower head down and pointing it away from your body I turn the knob forcing the water from the pulsating head. I adjust the stream on the shower head to that of a soft rain and begin to spray it over your upper body that is not covered in water, careful not to get your face. Once your shoulders, chest and back are rinsed, I ask you to lean your head back. I begin wetting your hair again careful not to splash your face. Reaching up and turning the water off, I grab the luffa off the hook on the wall of the shower and place it in the tub as I pick up your body wash.

“Just relax precious and let me take care of you for a little while” I say. I soap up the luffa and gently rub your shoulders and upper back with it, before taking your hand in mine and running it down you’re the outside of your arm and the back of your hand. Once I reach your fingertips I turn your arm over and the luffa begins its ascent back up the other side of your arm. You flinch and laugh when I reach your underarm and run it down your side to the water’s edge. I repeat these steps with your other arm, again resulting in a giggle from you when you feel the tickle under your arms and down your side. Sliding up the edge of the tub, I gently wash your neck and chest, of course paying special attention to your nipples, teasing them to erectness. Once your upper body is clean I reach into the water and pull your leg up to the side of the tub. Beginning at your toes I run the luffa up the top of your leg to the water’s edge, then slide it under your leg and run it back down to the tips of your toes again then lower your leg gently back into the water and repeat this same process with the other leg. I grab the shampoo from the edge of the tub as I reposition myself behind you still on the edge of the tub and gently massage your scalp into a froth, rubbing and massaging your scalp longer than necessary, because I know you find this relaxing. Once I feel like you have relaxed enough I again turn the water on and begin the shower head. Leaning your head back I slowly rinse your hair careful not to get shampoo in your eyes, and then rinse your shoulders, back, and chest, before shutting off the water and reaching to let the water drain from the tub.

“Just stay there precious” I say as I place my hand on your shoulder when you start to stand up. You look at my perplexed, as I reach over and grab the hair conditioner and put a large amount in my palm. Again I reach down and place your leg on the edge of the tub; gently I smear the conditioner coating your leg from ankle to hip. I pick up a new razor and begin at your ankle shaving your leg in long slow gentle strokes, following the razor with my fingertips ensuring that you are nice and smooth. Once your entire leg is complete I rub it with the palm of both hands to ensure I did not miss any spots, before turning on the water again and rinsing the razor. Once I am satisfied with both legs, I move on to your armpits shaving both of those with conditioner as well.

“Stand up for me please” I say as I hold out my hand to you. Helping you rise to your feet I again put conditioner in my hand. I apply it this time to your still sensitive sex. I again rinse the razor and begin the slow, erotic process of shaving that beautiful part of the female body that has been known to make men lose their minds, launched a thousand ships, and caused countless wars throughout history. I follow the razor with my fingers to ensure you are smooth, but also so that I am teasing your body and keeping you thoroughly excited. Once you have been completely shaved, I ask you to sit in the tub as I turn on the shower head once again. I rinse your arms, sides, and legs, then ask you to spread your legs. I rinse your pussy with the gentle rain of the shower head, before I reach up and adjust the head from rain to massage.

“OHHHH” you shriek in surprise as the first pulses hit your hooded clit causing you jump.

“Lay back, close your eyes, and just enjoy the sensations” I say as I begin to tease your pussy with the water.

**To Be Continued**


Precious Games Part 2

Part 2

I release your arms from the cuffs and move down your body to free your legs. While doing this you wipe a tiny amount of my cum from your chin and scoop it into your mouth moaning slightly at the taste and feel of it on your tongue. Taking your hands in mine I help you sit up as I reach behind you setting the pillow on end I slide my body between you and the headboard.

“What are you doing?” you ask me.

“Shhhh, settle precious, it’s your turn now” I say as I put my finger to your lips.

Leaning back against the pillow I place my hands on your shoulders turning your back to me and pulling you to lean back against my chest. The feel of your soft skin against my own thrills me; the aroma of your shampoo fills my nose as your head rests on my chest just below my chin. Reaching out with both hands tickling your ribs as I run my fingertips down your body to your thighs, I reach inside both of your legs and push them apart placing your feet outside my legs. Looking in the mirror I see the puzzled look on your face as you are trying to turn your head to face me.

“Look in the mirror precious” I say.

You turn your head back to the foot on the bed where I had you place the mirror before our game started and for the first time see yourself. Immediately a blush creeps to your cheeks and you instinctively try to close your legs. I push your thighs further apart, as your cheeks turn a brighter shade of crimson. “Look at yourself.” I say, “What do you see?” Your face turns a deeper shade of red as you murmur “I look so vulgar” and again you try to close your legs, forcing me to push harder on your legs to hold them in place.

“Do you know what I see?” I ask you.

“My pussy” you whisper.

“No.. I see MY pussy, but not only that; I see everything that I own… I see you, in your raw excited state, I see beauty.” I say with a smile on my face. “Now, precious, reach down and play with your pussy for me, open it up and let me see inside, play with your clit… Make yourself cum for me, but you must wait for my permission like the good girl I know that you are.”

With a soft whimper you reach your hand down between your legs and slowly pull yourself open. Dipping one finger inside you collect the moisture that is present, the evidence that, as bashful as you are, you are enjoying this vulgar position. Nearly as much as you are enjoying the fact that I am forcing you to demean yourself for my sexual pleasure. Slowly you begin to rub your clit in soft slow circles, your breath catching in your chest at first contact. My smile widens as your own eyes close and you quicken your pace, losing yourself in the moment, in the sensation. Behind you feel my cock begin to swell again, tracing up your spine, tickling your flesh. Moisture runs freely from your lower lips as you work your clit harder. I hear your breathing speed up, you’re nearly panting now as you bring your other hand down to pull back the hood exposing your clit completely. You roughly jam two fingers inside your soaking pussy then put them right back on your bare clit. Now you can feel my hard cock on your spine, it has returned already to its former glory from the show you are putting on for me. Knowing that you are pleasing me, that you have turned me on so much, you let go of your remaining inhibitions and begin to moan.

“You like being my dirty little slut don’t you precious?” I ask.

You respond with a load moan and shove your two fingers back into your pussy grinding your hips against me and the bed.

“Yes Sir, I like to be your slut, your whore, your dirty girl. I’m so close, please, please may I cum for you Sir?” you beg between moans.

“Open your eyes, and look at me in the mirror” I command. Quickly your eyes fly open and you make eye contact with me in the mirror. “Now, you may cum, cum for me precious, I want to see my pussy flood the bed”.

You cry out loudly as you begin roughly fingering your clit, tilting your hips to open yourself further and allow better access for your fingers. Biting your lower lip, breathing rapidly your body shaking you let go and give in to the pleasure I am allowing you. Your body vibrates in orgasm, all the while maintaining eye contact in mirror you seeing my smile widen and as you scream out. “I’MMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNG SSSSSIRRRR” Your orgasm hits you in waves, starting off with a flood of juices pouring out, before the dam breaks and you squirt. You lose control of your body and close your eyes lost in the rapture as your sweet nectar drains from your body leaving a puddle on the sheets between your legs. Your body twitches with every movement your fingers make on your clit, as you ease yourself down from that high ledge. Finally exhausted from cumming so violently you release the breath you were holding and slump back against me with a sigh.

Kissing the top of your head gently I lean down whispering in your ear, “good girl”.


The Game

You never cared

Much for lace

No you prefer

A ropes embrace

Your best orgasms

Seem to be found

The tighter the

Ropes are bound

Your body’s a playground

For my use

You moan and you wiggle

You love the abuse

Welts on your skin

The lashing you earn

Cumming so hard

From the sting and the burn

We’ll do this again

Next time not so tame

When we get together

And play a new game


Precious Games Part 1

Part 1

                I walk in to find you sitting on the edge of the bed in your silk robe, eyes bright and dancing with anticipation. I had told you earlier we would be playing a new game tonight. I find that the room is set up exactly as I had instructed. The tie downs are already in place at the four corners of the bed and hanging freely on the floor from the bed frame. I can see the blindfold sitting on the night stand next to the lube and a small array of toys that I had instructed you to have ready. At the foot of the bed I see the full length mirror and I smile at you approvingly. “You did well precious, please stand and remove your robe.” I instruct in a sweet voice. You jump to your feet giggling in that sweet melodic giggle that only you have. Your excitement is written on your face, and as your robe hits the floor I can see that your face is not the only place that shows how excited you are. Your arousal is evident by the moisture present on your thighs already. I know you have not masturbated, because I had advised you not to and you always do as you are told by me when I am not around. Disobeying is only fun when I am around to see it and punish you accordingly.

I walk to the edge of the bed and gently push on your shoulders forcing to a seated position on the bed once again. The moment your sexy behind touches the cool crisp sheets you reach your hands out and attempt to unbutton my pants. “You are not allowed to touch me” I say as I smack your hands away. You momentarily look wounded until you hear me say “yet”. Immediately that sly bratty grin returns to your face as you reach your hands out once again for the button on my pants. I quickly grab your wrists just as your fingertips make contact with the denim. “I knew you were not going to be able to be good” I say as I pull you by your wrists in to a laying position on the bed. “That is why I had you get the restraints ready” I say as I turn your body aligning you in the center of the bed. Reaching down I pick up the first tie down and restrain your wrist, tightening it almost to the point of pain, but denying you that pleasure that you want so desperately. Crawling on to the bed I straddle your naked body and reach for the other wrist restraint. You fight against me playfully, your brat is in rare form tonight, but I will tame her before the game is through. Once your right wrist is restrained I turn my body around facing away so that I am now straddling you facing your feet and restrain your ankles to the bed. Climbing off the bed I adjust the straps at each point allowing almost no movement at all, before moving to the night stand.

Once at the night stand I pick up the blindfold and smile think to myself how much fun this will be for both of us before the night is through. I turn to face you and lean down giving you a soft sweet kiss. Smiling I say “You are going to hate this.” as I lift your head and place the blindfold over your eyes. You mumble to yourself defiantly upon hearing my words, but you know that my saying you are going to hate it means you will be breathless and thankful before the game is done. Once your eyes are covered your hearing becomes more acute and you actually hear me removing clothes. I make sure this happens by standing hear your head so you can hear as each tooth as my zipper clears the pull. I am taking my time, letting anticipation build. Removing my shoes and socks so that I am as naked as you are I quietly walk to the foot of the bed. You startle at my touch of your leg, you thought I was still by your head expecting a touch on your cheek. Running my finger tips lightly from your calf up your leg along the inside of your thigh getting very near the more sensitive and intimate part of you before lifting my finger tips away. Once again I make contact with your skin just above your hip and continue to trace the contour of your body upward moving my fingertips to your center line allowing them to past between your breasts without making contact with either. Continuing their voyage my finger tips travel up your neck and over your chin where they take a detour circling the contours of your lips. Once your mouth has been circled once I let them wander to the left side of your head along the jaw line and up the curve of your face around your ear pushing your hair behind it, causing a slight moan to escape your lips.

What you cannot see or hear is that while this teasing is being done with my fingers I am also teasing myself with my other hand. Ensuring that I am fully aroused, which is of course not necessary but I do enjoy it anyway. Once I pull my hand away from your face I move around to the other side of the bed and begin a very similar exploration on the other calf with one major difference. You automatically notice that it is not fingers teasing your body but you can not immediately place what it is. This time my path alters to only move along the outside of your body tracing the swell of your hip and along your ribs tickling slightly. “What is that?” you ask. I advise you to be still and that you will find out soon enough. You can feel the heat and even in this light touch you know it is familiar but you just cannot place it. You feel the bed shift as my weight is added to it. You feel my weight on you as I straddle your hips and again you feel the light touch of something on your belly tracing around your belly button only now you can identify it. You are sure of it now as you feel my weight shift up your body as it traces higher up your belly to the bottom of your ribcage. Feeling my weight shift again you feel me trace around your left nipple causing it to harden and causing your breath to quicken, then the weight shift again as I trace around the right nipple causing you to breathe a little faster, before returning to center and continuing my slow climb up your body. You feel me trace along your collar bone and up your neck, now you are fidgety and your breath is faster still and you feel me start to trace your chin.

I decide that you are not being teased near enough; you are growing used to this game already, and have exhibited too much self control. Reaching up I remove your blindfold from your eyes and you see my hard cock just inches from your face. “I knew it!” you exclaim. I reach over and take the lube from the night stand putting a small dollop in my hand and place it back where it previously was. I begin to slowly stroke my cock just above your face, and again your squirm and your tongue traces along your bottom lip. Your eyes focused on my working hand and I slowly build speed occasionally allowing my cock to drop enough to touch the tip of your nose. You squirm more trying to touch your thighs together wanting contact with your neglected parts. That contact is denied because your legs are tied down wide part. This was not accidental, and you know it. You begin to whimper a little as you bite your lip watching my hand work my cock at a nice pace. “Please… Please can I have it, just for a second?” you ask. You look up at me locking my gaze as I smile, “no precious, you have to watch”. I continue to stroke myself in long strokes as I shift my hips back just enough to touch your lips with the tip of my cock. Your mouth flies open and you lean your head up trying to catch it in your mouth. I deny you by pulling it back just out of reach. “No, leave your mouth open, but you are not allowed to move your head or the game will be over.” I say. You mewl and look in my eyes, then with a sigh you lay your head back resting it on the pillow one again. I trace the head of my cock around your lips, not allowing it to enter you at all. Then leaning back slightly so that you can see me stroke my cock again I build speed in my masturbation. This is my favorite part, the teasing you, watching you want me, knowing you will do anything to please me if I will just give you what you are longing for so bad. To know that your body is aching with need, and I decide when that ache ends. As my impending orgasm rushes closer, you can sense it, you can see it on my face and you begin to moan. Making those sexy sounds that I know are for me. I place my head just inside your lips and you instinctively suck at the tip running your tongue up and down it. “I’m going to cum precious” I moan. Again you moan making me feel the vibrations through your working tongue as I continue to stroke my shaft. I hold back for just a moment denying myself that release before I finally grunt and feel my release flooding your mouth. The moment of my release you experience on of your own, the teasing becoming too much for you to bear. It is not a big one, but just a tiny release for you. Your throat works to swallow all that I give you, as you moan around my cock and shiver with delight. Spent and becoming too sensitive I slowly pull myself from your mouth and slide my body down yours. I kiss you deeply tasting the remnants of me in your mouth as I reach up and release first one wrist and then the other. I break our kiss and smile at you, “half of our warm up is over my love, I hope you did not plan on sleeping tonight.”

To Be Continued…