My super power

If I could choose a super power, any power I wished. I would choose invisibility. I power to just fade away, be unseen, unheard, unknown. Not because I want to perv naked women.. But because there is beauty and peace to be found in solitude. Silence so loud it deafens you, darkness so heavy it crushes the life from your body.


I Often Wonder

I often wonder, how death feels
To suddenly stop, life’s spinning wheels
I often wonder, how death sounds
Will I hear barking, from Hell’s hounds
I often wonder, if there’s a God
Or if that book, is just a fraud
I often wonder, why we hate
Is it just a human trait
I often wonder, why we love
That one emotion I am free of
I often wonder, am I insane
Was I born with a rotten brain


So Alone

I’m so alone, on this Earth

Drowning in solitude, since my birth

People are known, for company shared

You left me here, you never cared

Alone I sit, planning my demise

No tears for me, because everyone dies

I’m not so special, I’m not unique

One of millions, another freak

In this sideshow, you call living

But unlike you, I am not forgiving

I hate my future, I run from my past

Until the time comes, I’m dead at last