Fantasy World

Today I don’t feel real.. I feel like I’m outside myself, almost as if it’s an out of body experience. Then this got me thinking, because that’s what I do when I don’t know what else to do. 
What if all any of us are is a figment of someone else’s imagination? Our lives nothing more than the fever dream of a stranger dying in a hospital bed of some incurable disease in a world we know nothing about.
That would mean our lives are not only insignificant, they are also not our own. We are living someone’s twisted fantasy. 


My Mind

My mind is a Petrie dish of insanity
Thoughts grow like fungus
On the damp forest floor

Feeding on the decay of dead memories

These thoughts burst

Flinging spores to uncharted areas

Infecting my rationality with paranoia

Choking the life out of my sanity

In time there will be nothing left of the man I was