A Daddy’s Job

Daddies have many jobs when it comes to taking care of their baby girls. Protect, provide, shape, discipline, console etc etc.. but at the heart of all of these is one basic truth. 
We allow our baby girls to be vulnerable and frightened in a safe and controlled environment.. so that out in the world they can be strong and fearless forces of nature.



Her smile lights up a room.

Her laughter melts even the coldest heart.

Her voice is the sweetest song to hear.

Her eyes will entrance anyone.

Her spirt is more wild than a mustang.

Her heart is larger than even the grandest hall in the largest mansion.

She is a gift.

She is a treasure.

She will be cherished by me.



Intellectual Orgasm

Allow my thoughts to penetrate you

My words probing deep

Within the crevices of your mind

Synapse firing like pistons

Your consciousness dripping with passion

Subconsciously begging for more

As the seed of knowledge is planted

Realization gushes from you

Perversions make you feel wanted

But leave you feeling unclean


The One

Have you ever met someone, and from their first word, the smile on their face, thier over all look and demeanor.. You just know? 

Your mind is screaming inside your skull. 

Your heart races in your chest.

Your body shakes with increasing desire. 

There is no denying it, it can’t be ignored.

This is the THE ONE. 

This is the mother fucker, you’re going to go to jail for strangling.

No? No one else has ever felt that? Hmmmm maybe it’s just me.