anger, hate, love, lust, sadness, sorrow


Sorrow and Sadness
Perpetual, gaining speed.
An avalanche on ice,
destroying everything in it’s path.
All that it touches,
fades, withers, dies!

Anger and Hate
Carnivorous, resentful.
Devours all hope.
Swallowing down sickness,
like bile in the back of your throat.
The creator of all insanity.

Joy and Happiness
Microscopic in the scheme.
False hope,
dividing the mind.
The only sanctuary to be found,
by those who are truly insane!

Love and Lust
Painful torture,
from origins unknown.
A beast, wild and untamed,
living within your mind, heart, and soul.
Consuming all rational thought.
Making the irrational, appear sane in your eyes.