Art of Seasons

This arrangement that I bring, each time as unique as both the gifter and the gifted. The canvas changes, the back ground once dormant, becomes vibrant with signs of life. The reds and pinks beginning to bloom, like the start of spring kissing the Earth. Tempo increases keeping time with the rising mercury at the height of summer. The heat and dampness palpable in the air. Autumn sets in with its beautiful bouquet of violets and dark somber roses of purple, blue, and black. This is a most beautiful time as we watch together the canvas fade with the changing of the leaves. Finally winter arrives, the canvas bare once again and most melancholy. Begging to be painted, to feel the kiss of spring once more. How quickly the seasons change when dealing with the canvas of your beautiful flesh. You are my masterpiece and each bouquet of bruises I give is just as beautiful as the last.


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