Let me start off by saying this is my first attempt at writhing a story from the woman’s perspective 
So it starts with a box being delivered to my hotel room. 

A note inside is simple. “Put this on. Nothing else. Wait on the bed.” A time of 7:00pm has already been established. So I spend my time preparing my body. Shaving, moisturizing, makeup, hair done, and finally putting on the items in the box.

I get a text that reads “3 minutes”. Hurriedly, I open the door and flip the lock so that you can come in. I put on the matching lace bra and panties, and after pulling out the blindfold, position myself on the bed facing the mirror. Sitting on my knees, I place the blindfold around my eyes, tighten and position it to make sure it stays in place and that I can’t see anything.

My breath speeds, waiting. Scared, excited, stimulated, and becoming disoriented…

I hear the door open, quickly placing my palms on my lap, trying not to

shake from nervousness, I breathe deeply, arching my back in the required posture.

I hear footsteps, no words, but it feels like more than one person is

sharing the space with me. The door is closed and all locks are bolted. I

swallow slowly.

I feel you stroke my cheek and I hear your voice, ” good girl. Now just

enjoy tonight. Remember, no talking, no questions.”

I nod my assent.

A firm hand grips my throat then a strong push throws me backward onto the bed. My hands come up, as your hands grip them and fasten cuffs and clips to bind them together. My breathing speeds, and my heart races.
One set of hands grips and pulls on my nipples, while another begins to spread my reluctant legs. Two? 

Your lips kiss mine, then you whisper, “relax”. I can’t help but comply. 

Soon my body begins to give over, I can only feel as hands and lips explore, touch, taste every inch of my exposed skin. Two mouths attach to my nipples, one hand grips my neck, while another seeks inside my already soaked panties. Moans and purrs escape me, as one slim finger enters me. 

The hand at my throat leaves, as I hear clothes being removed. Soon hands and mouth return to my side, biting my ear. My back arches, and the finger inside me is instantly coated in my juices…
My body is a live wire, every touch, every kiss is like a needle-sharp and biting. So much, I feel on edge, about to drop off.

Suddenly, it all stops.

I whimper.

“Don’t worry babe. I want my cock in you when you cum.” Your words excite me even further, but I don’t know quite what to expect. 

More clothes fall to the floor. I feel two bodies join me on the bed. One between my legs, one straddling my torso. 
My bound hands rest against the soft skin of the person sitting above my torso, as I feel hands separate my pink parts, flicking my clit, and coating fingers in my juices. My body jerks, and writhes, begging for more, but I’m unsure who is doing what. I feel your cock enter me, as a mouth closes over my clit, sucking and flicking at it.

Your rough hands grip my hips pulling me up and onto you, your elbows pushing my knees further apart, to allow the second person more access.

I feel a hot, soft tongue slip over my clit and around your shaft, then back to my clit. 

My hands grip soft hips as I feel my orgasm climbing my spine…
My body quakes as my orgasm speeds through me. The other mouth remains firmly attached to my clit, as you pound into me. Over and over until my legs fall limp. Then you allow my hips to rest against the bed. The other body repositions and places itself to receive you, from on top of me.

you slide slickly through my soaked and sensitive lips as you surge up through what I now believe to be hers. Soon I feel her wetness dripping onto me, mixing with mine. One thrust into me and a second into her. Back and forth, all I know is what I feel, until eventually, I feel her hands touching me and positioning you to enter me again, and again, rubbing my clit, and gripping your cock at the base. I can’t take much more!
you continue fucking us both, and she never stops rubbing my clit. I’m bucking and writhing, trying to seek release, or at the very least give you yours.

“Who wants it?” I hear you ask, however I have not been permitted to speak, obviously it’s her prize. 

“She gets it, in her mouth.” I hear her direct.

You both reposition. Your cock now touching my lips as she begins to lick at my pussy. I take you in tasting the mix of all of us, an intoxicating blend. Your hips thrust and buck, seeking your release, as she attacks me, my hands reach for your cock, to stroke and get a better angle. I want you as deep as you can go, but dammit I can’t focus on both of you. My hips buck, my body shakes. You hold my head and begin to fuck into my mouth. I hear your growl, just before I taste you explode into me, Just before I feel her stuff a warm glass dildo into me, placing the opposite end into her own pussy. You slip from my mouth as she begins to fuck the two of us with this new toy. I feel you leave the bed, but barely notice. I’m all sensation, and lost to every new feeling. 

Soon you return, only to place two vibrators against our clits. We are both pushing closer and closer, enveloping the entire toy, and feeling the added buzz of both vibrators simultaneously. 

She is the first to start moaning louder, signaling the start of her orgasm, and I’m not far behind. My muscles gripping the toy as hers are doing the same creates extreme sensations, and we both cry out, almost begging, my moans and screams become louder drowning hers out.


Harvest Moon

I knew the end, was coming soon

I bared my soul, to the harvest moon

The crops I planted never flourished

My heart is dying it, is malnourished

A vast wasteland all but barren

I have no love left here to share in

Underneath this harvest moon

Crying and laughing like a loon

Dancing in its glow alone 

Withered is the love I’d sewn