Fairy Tales VS Reality

I have come to the conclusion that “fairy tales” should be rewritten and corrected. Hear me out here…

Children are impressionable, and at a young age they learn about the world around them and form opinions that shape their lives. So what do we as responsible parents do.. That’s right you guessed it.. Tell them a bunch of fucking lies and fill their heads with unrealistic bullshit.

In fairy tales the following happens…

The savior arrives just in time
Good triumphs over evil
Everyone lives happily ever after

That’s not real fucking life.. That is not at all how the world works!

Here is reality

The wolf eats grandma then rapes, tortures, and kills Little Red Riding Hood
Prince charming is an adulterous abusive alcoholic
Cinderella gets addicted to coke and sells her ass to get her fix
The little mermaid is sold to the local sushi restaurant

Yeah maybe my kids have nightmares… But at least they are ready for the real world.. Father of the fucking year right here people!!


Defining Music

Music can at times define a person’s being. It’s funny how sometimes strangers can put into words what I cannot. How it can almost seem as though the person who wrote them has lived your life, shared in your heartache, and your joy. Like they have felt your tears on their cheeks, and know the struggles you’ve had. Below you will find two songs I identify very closely with. Two melodies that while they may not be popular in the main stream.. Are songs that ring in my ears and echo in my head daily.

Frank Turner – Tell Tale Signs

The Spill Canvas – Self Conclusion



Your beauty is heaven found on Earth
The work of not one God, but many
Gods who labored intensely on your every detail
The touch of your lips
Is nothing less than the kiss of an angel
Waves of passion sent crashing through my body
Disposing of all anxiety and hatred I hold inside
I lose myself in your eyes, like two livid pools
In which both my heart and soul swim
Cleansed of sorrow and fear
Modestly you ask, how I can love you so much
My answer is simple
“Only a fool could not love perfection.”


Veteran’s Day

To my American Followers… Tomorrow we as a country pay homage to what many consider to the be our nations greatest heroes. I would have to disagree.. (don’t flame yet read on first.) Let me start off by saying I am a US ARMY Infantry veteran, so I understand the sacrifices made by other men and women in the Armed Services. They are willing to leave behind those they love and the comforts of home. To take the battle to the enemy and keep the war from our homes, in order to protect our people and our way of life. They travel thousands of miles to countries many of them have no personal ties to and defend people they do not know in a culture they often don’t understand. All of this is done in the name of freedom. They say the soldier makes the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives so that others may live. I will take nothing away from their actions and their bravery in the face of danger.

I say instead those that make the biggest sacrifice are the loved ones left behind. The ones who do not know what is going on where the person they love is. The ones who know only what the news tells them and what little is revealed in the long awaited letters from the front. The ones who carry on in the absence of the soldier, the mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. The ones who support them when they are home, support them more when they are gone, and love them always.

Dying is easy, but living with the hole left behind in your heart, in your soul, in your life when a loved one dies, that is true heartache. The soldier may sacrifice their life, but those that love the soldier sacrifice something they love more than themselves. They are sacrificing what may be the most important thing in their world.

So I ask you while you are thanking a Veteran.. please take the time to remember and thank those that have supported and loved us. Those that made us who we are, the ones that lifted us up and made it possible for us to be strong enough to make the sacrifices we have made. The ones that feel the loss more than anyone. Because they are every bit as much hero as those of us that served, because in their own way, they served right beside us.